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Contour Core Sculpting System Review

Imagine being able to tighten and tone your midsection without ever having to set foot in a gym – or even breaking a sweat. That’s exactly what the Contour Sculpting System promises to do. But does this belt really live up to the reputation of some better-known belts, like the Flex Belt? In our Contour Core Sculpting System review, we’ll take a closer look at how this belt works and why it may be a great option if you’re on a budget.

What Can The Contour Sculpting System Do for You?

In as little as eight weeks, the Sculpting system can:

  • Strengthen and tone your abs
  • Alleviate back pain

And it can do all of this without you ever having to do a single sit-up or core exercise.

How Does the Contour Body Sculpting System Work?

The Contour body sculpting system uses EMS, or electronic muscle stimulation, to work your abdominal muscles. This one simple belt targets:

contour core sculpting system review

Contour Core Sculpting System

  • The upper abs
  • The obliques (both sides)
  • The lower abs

All of this is accomplished using the belt’s safe and effective EMS systems – which, by the way, has been in use for more than 40 years in the medical field.


What does it take to tighten and strengthen your abs? Just 30 minutes.

And in that 30 minutes, the Contour Sculpting will deliver 199 contractions to work your muscles while you sit on the couch, run errands or finish your cardio workout.

The Sculpting system also comes with a clinically-proven fat burner that’s designed to:

  • Reduce weight by 200% compared to diet and exercise alone
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Deliver 80% fat loss

How Does EMS Work?

The technology behind the Contour belt works a lot like how your brain does. Try this right now: contract your abdominal muscles. In the split second before you voluntarily contract or move a muscle, your brain send signals down your spinal cord to the muscle you want to move, telling it what to do.

The Contour Sculpting belt completely bypasses this signal using electrical impulses to contract and relax those muscles.

This electrical signal moves through a control unit to a set of gel pads and then the nerves. And guess what? It doesn’t matter whether the contraction is voluntary or electrically-induced – your muscles can’t tell the difference. You get the same results without having to do a single sit-up.

Using this EMS system, the Sculpting is able to simulate the effects of five different core exercises: crunches, leg raises, trunk twists, and the bicycle for the right and left obliques.

The Contour delivers electrical impulses in frequencies that range between 1 and 120 per second. Each frequency level affects muscles in a different way:

  • High frequencies build strength while toning and firming muscles.
  • Lower frequencies help your muscles recover while offering massage and relaxation benefits.

The frequency level is controlled by a separate remote, which is also used to turn the belt on and off.

Altogether, there are 26 preset digital programs to help you reach your fitness goals.

Many users see results in 2-3 weeks with this belt, especially if they use higher, more-intense frequency levels. Full results can be seen in as little as eight weeks.

How Does the Fat Burner Work?

The fat burner that’s included with the ab belt is designed to complement your diet and exercise routine.

To deliver results, this fat burner uses a thermogenic supplement to convert stored fat in your body into heat energy.

How well does it work?

In one clinical study, subjects who were fed an 1,800 calorie diet lost three times more weight than the placebo group.

All you have to do is take it two times per day to see results.

There’s little information on the ingredients used in the fat burner, but the study’s results are impressive.

Who Is the Contour Abs System for?

The Contour Sculpting system is for anyone who wants to:

  • Build strength in their abs
  • Tighten and tone their midsection
  • Lose inches from their waist

Is the Contour Belt FDA Cleared?

A lot of the Contour Core sculpting system complaints you’ll find online have to do with misconceptions about whether this belt is actually cleared by the FDA.

The makers of this belt say the Contour is FDA cleared for sale, but it is technically not cleared by the FDA. The Flex Belt is the only belt that is truly cleared by the FDA.


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Multiple intensity levels to give you control over your workouts and results
  • Includes a fat burning supplement to maximize your results
  • Results can be seen in as little as eight weeks
  • Sessions are just 30 minutes
  • You never have to do a single crunch or ab exercise
  • Affordably priced


  • Not really cleared by the FDA
  • Not as effective or powerful as the Flex Belt

While the makers of the Contour Sculpting say their belt is FDA-cleared, it’s not. That’s our biggest issue with this belt simply because it’s never good to make false claims. Nevertheless, the product is still safe to use and will stimulate muscles. While not quite as effective as the Flex Belt, the Contour is an excellent alternative for those who are on a tight budget.

Speaking of budgets – how much does the Contour belt cost?

Just $197.85. (or less on Amazon – sometimes below $150.00)

And for that price, you get:

  • The Contour ab belt
  • 30-day supply of the fat burner
  • Travel bag
  • Food list
  • Gel pads
  • Batteries

If you’re balking at the price, ask yourself this: How much would you pay for tighter, toner, slimmer abs? And the cost of the Contour is much more affordable than other EMS belts out there.

The Benefits of the Contour Belt

  • Stronger, slimmer, leaner abs
  • No crunches or sit-ups required
  • Never have to step foot in a gym
  • Works all of your core muscles
  • Backed by a one-year warranty

Does The Contour Ab Belt Really Work?

While we’ve seen other belts that are more effective, the Contour is still a great option for anyone on a tighter budget. You’ll still see results – they’ll just take a little longer.

If you read testimonials on the official website, you’ll see stories of users who have lost inches and dozens of pounds. All of this is absolutely possible if you treat this belt as part of your entire health regimen. If you rely solely on this belt and never change your eating habits or activity level, it probably won’t do much – although your ab muscles will probably be stronger (even if you can’t see them).

Most of the Contour Core Sculpting system reviews we’ve seen have been mixed, but if you combine this belt with a solid diet and exercise plan (and you take the fat burner supplement), you should see the results you want.

While you shouldn’t expect to suddenly wake up with a six pack, the device does do what it says it does – stimulates the muscles through electronic pulses. That technology has been proven to actually produce results, and has been used in the medical industry for injury recovery for many decades.

In short, the Contour Sculpting ab belt can work your ab muscles and strengthen them over time. But you’ll need to incorporate diet and exercise if you really want to see results.

Contour Core Sculpting System Review Summary

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