Easy Body Shredder Belt Review – Is it real or is it hype?

Easy Body Shredder Belt Review

Our Easy Body Shredder Belt Review aims to answer the most important questions you might have before leaping off to make a purchase. The East Body Shredder is an electric abdominal toning belt, and promises users that they’ll be able to tone their mid-section using this device. Does it work? How does it work? Will you see results?

These are the questions we aim to answer in our Easy Body Shredder belt review.

And we think you’ll be shocked by our results. We break this belt down by its features, take a look at how the belt works, share the pros and cons, and discuss the benefits the belt offers (if any exist).

How The Easy Body Shredder Belt Works

Electronic muscle stimulation is a technology that is used often in physical therapy offices. This technology, often called EMS, uses electric pulses to contract a muscle. In spinal cord injury patients, this current may be used on the ankles to help them strengthen. And there are studies suggesting that in a spinal cord patient, this technology can help improve the brain/nerve connection to make movement easier.

This is the same technology that the Body Shredder program offers.

But the key difference between this belt and ones that are superior is the intensity or strength of the current. Different muscles and nerve paths are located further beneath the skin and will require different intensity levels to activate.

A person with a larger gut, for example, will find that low currents are too weak to be able to contract their abdominal muscles.

The process for the body shredder workout is simple:

  • Attach the belt(s) to the abs (arms or legs work, too).
  • Turn the unit on.
  • Change the intensity level.

Keep in mind that there are belts for your abs, arms and thighs. There are also massage pads available.

Our (Critical) Easy Body Shredder Review:

You know how the body shredder works, but does it work? This is what we’re aiming to find out in our review.

Quick and Easy Setup

The Body Shredder is so easy to use. Just attach the pads or belts and get started. When applying the pads in particular, you’ll need to make sure that the area is cleaned well. A little bit of contact gel will also allow the current to work better to target the muscle.

The unit does come with the two AAA batteries required for operation.

What’s neat is that you can target several muscle groups at one time for a more robust “workout.” This is rather enticing because you can work on your biceps, abs and legs at the same time to tone them up.

Pads and Belt Setup

We can’t say that we were elated with the included pads and belts. The company provides you with:

  • 1 ab belt
  • 2 arm and thigh belts
  • 7 massager pads

And the side pads didn’t seem to work on the belt. This is an issue because the center pad works the muscles, but the side pads sit there providing little help for your oblique muscles in the process.

easy body shredder belt product

Easy Body Shredder Belt

The pads don’t stick as well as I had hoped, but there are replacement pads that can be purchased, too.

Pads need to be replaced monthly, and they last for 20 – 30 sessions, which is actually a decent time. If you’re a little hairy, you may need to shave off some excess hair to allow the pads and belt to be able to produce a stronger current to the muscle.

No Testimonials or Scientific Backup

We were disappointed that the company did not offer Easy Body Shredder before and after pictures. What have people been able to achieve? No one knows for sure without any testimonials from users.

The results would have been nice to see, and this product was released in 2015, so there is no excuse for there not to be any data to back up their claims.

What’s also disconcerting is that the recent reviews for the belt are not good:

  • Can’t get it to work
  • No clear instructions
  • Does not work at all – even on high

And those are just a few of the recent claims. We often wonder if the company would have included better instructions if their users would have been able to achieve even better results. One thing is for sure: there are a lot of complaints that the device isn’t producing the results people had hoped to achieve.

Intensity Modes and Settings

The intensity modes and settings allow you to adjust the intensity of your workout. Hypothetically, this would work by starting at a lower setting and being able to gradually increase the intensity for a harder workout over time.

And with 6 modes offered, you’re able to boost the intensity with ease.

The issue is that the voltage simply isn’t enough to get the contraction you need for muscle growth in your abs. If you’re not feeling any contractions or soreness after the first few sessions, something is amiss.

Keep in mind that the company recommends you:

  • Use the ab belt for 30 minutes per day
  • Use the ab belt 5 days per week

But the results never really materialized after 5 weeks of using the Shredder. In a normal situation, you would need to choose the highest intensity setting to be able to work larger muscles – like your abs.

The good news is that the belts are easily adjusted and come with Velcro straps to allow for proper tightening.

Remote Controlled

We really liked that the included remote can be clipped onto your belt or pocket so that you can take your remote with you at all times. And if you plan on working out at the same time, this is a must-have feature.


  • Works decently on the arms at a high level.
  • Massage pads work to ease pain.
  • Multiple power settings (more on this soon).


  • Customer service is almost impossible to reach.
  • Low battery indicator isn’t included (it just dies without warning).

We had a lot of hope for the Easy Body Shredder Belt, and we wanted to love it. The customer service really wasn’t up to our expectations (one belt was defective), but you can buy replacements, too.

Moderate results are provided, and for some people, the results seem to be a lot better (more on this below).

One thing that really irked us is the “honest reviews,” where the product was given to the reviews at a discount or free in some cases. Real reviews are overshadowed by these “honest reviews,” causing a higher-than-deserved rating.

Our Assessment

Amazon ratings have this product rated a 3.3 star out of 5 star, and we’ve rated this belt at a 3 out of 5-star rating. Customer service and satisfaction simply isn’t up to our standards. But you’ll experience minimal results at best.

The issue? The power settings are not strong enough to provide real results. You’re paying a mid-price for a product that claims to be FDA cleared, although we couldn’t find any proof of FDA clearance given to the product. A lot of people won’t be able to choose a frequency high enough to produce results.

There is also a big difference between FDA cleared and FDA approved.

Our Final Thoughts From Our Easy Shredder Ab Belt Review:

Poor quality and performance along with an uninformative website really knocked this product down on the rating scale. It’s not on par with the Flex Belt, but if you’re after minor results, then this belt may work for you. We hope that you found our Easy Body Shredder Belt Review helpful in making your ab belt choice.

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