Butterfly Abs Review: Find Out Why We Can’t Recommend this Product

Butterfly abs: A gimmick, or the real deal?

We’re going to take you through an in-depth look at this former late night infomercial star in our Butterfly abs review. And you’ll be shocked by what we experienced during our review.

Before we dive headfirst into our review, let’s talk about what is offered with Butterfly abs by StimRX.

The “Science” Behind Butterfly Abs

Abs are difficult to obtain. Body fat covers everyone’s abs, causing them to be hidden. Yet, abs are also one of the most sought after “gains” from exercise. People have a fascination with abdominal muscles, and they’re a must-have for those sunny days on the beach.

Based off of the same principles that physical therapists use when helping people recover from injuries, the Butterfly abs machine is supposed to use electronic muscle stimulation to work.

But this is where the product falls short.

In the shape of a butterfly (hence the name), this device is promoted as the “original” wireless EMS and TENS device. The issue with this belt likely resides in its unique shape. What many people don’t realize is that the abdominal muscles need to contract, but with such a small size, the Butterfly doesn’t work for all users.

Think of it this way:

  • Is the stomach of a 100-pound woman the same size as The Rock’s stomach?

No, it’s not. So, when you apply the Butterfly, it may or may not hit the right muscles if you have a bigger stomach. The design seems inherently flawed from the start, but we’ll dive deeper into the results soon.

What is EMS?

EMS, or electronic muscle stimulation, uses electric currents that hit the muscle, causing a contraction to occur. This is the same contraction a person doing a sit-up would cause, but it’s on a much milder level.

The stimulation causes the stomach to contract and relax so that the muscle eventually tires and grows.

Numerous intensity levels are given, too, so that the machine works for people of all fitness and injury levels. Physical therapists have been using this technology for years to help retrain the muscles of people with strokes and spinal cord injuries.

Therapists are also able to use this technology to relieve pain.

So, when using the Butterfly, you’re attempting to push an electrical current through your abdominal muscles in an effort to make them contract.

Butterfly Abs Review: Save Your Money

If you value your money, you’ll want to read through our review and find out what this product really has to offer.

Let’s take a look at the claims:

  1. Fast Results: The company states that you’ll tone your stomach muscles in as little as a week.
  2. Strength and Endurance: Users are promised their abs will be stronger and that they’ll have more endurance.
  3. Relief: Pain relief and injuries are able to be treated with this unit.

It’s also interesting that all Butterfly abs suppliers are third-party sellers. The company stopped selling this product a long time ago, but they still offer it as a freebie with a few of their current products.

What’s Included

  • Butterfly Abs unit
  • Electrodes (good for 30 sessions)
  • Coin cell batteries

Butterfly abs results were not what we expected at all. The machine will deliver an electrical pulse to your abs through the included “toning” pads. These pads are actually electrodes that will attach to the abdomen and are responsible for sending the electrical current through the abs.

And the electrodes are rated to work for 30 sessions (so they say).

How It All Works

The manufacturer suggests the following process:

  • Attach the pad
  • Remove the shield
  • Place the “butterfly” in the center of the abdomen

The manufacturer also suggests placing this pad on different areas of the abs, too, such as the oblique muscles.

From here, you’ll need to boost the intensity level to one that is sufficient for you.  The program levels are:

  1. Blaster Mix: The strongest setting for a “complete” workout.
  2. Iron Man: The second setting that is meant for endurance athletes.
  3. Toning: A lower frequency program that aims to tone the muscles.
  4. Deep Tissue: The fourth setting is meant to hit deeper tissues to help stimulate larger muscle groups.
  5. Crunch: A program that promises to kick up the butterfly abs exercise to a new level where you can see your abs contract.
  6. Recover Massage: A massage that aims to promote healthy blood flow and relieve sore muscles.

So, you’ll turn on a program and hopefully get the abs that you’ve always wanted. The issue with this product is that the electrical current is simply not strong enough to deliver on its claims.

What this product works well for is sore muscles.

The lighter pulses work well for sore muscles, and this is actually a claim that many people – not just us – have made about this product. If you have a sore back, place it on the affected area, choose the sixth program offered, and you’re set.

When you choose the blaster mix, you’ll feel like a tickle has hit your stomach.

It doesn’t feel like anything honestly. There isn’t discomfort, and the product doesn’t show results in a week like the company states. We’ve used similar products in the past, and we’ve felt so sore that it felt like you just spent 30 minute on your abs in the gym. But we didn’t experience any of that with the Butterfly.


  • The massage feature does lead to muscles that are less sore.
  • Offered as a freebie when buying other products from the manufacturer.
  • Comes with two batteries and offers wireless functionality.


  • Doesn’t provide the results that are promised.
  • Barely feel any contractions in the abdomen.

We wish would could say that Butterfly Abs is effective, but we can’t. For most products, they at least provide some form of results. But this isn’t in the same category as these other products. Unless you’re looking for pain relief, the Butterfly won’t work well for you.

I’m not sure if this product was revamped at some point after all of the infomercials and all of a sudden doesn’t work, but I know one thing now: it’s not worth your money.

Our Butterfly Abs Assessment

We give Butterfly Abs a 2.0 out of 5 stars. There’s not much to see here folks, and with abysmal reviews on Amazon rating this product a 2.5 stars, it only correlates with our findings. There are other products that work well, but this is a pure dud.

You would be surprised that the company only offers this product as a freebie now when purchasing the Rx-8000 unit. And the company should be paying you for wasting your time with this freebie. We weren’t satisfied. Others weren’t satisfied. And for all of the hype, this product fails on so many levels.

Even with diet and exercise, we’re not sure that this product would offer any level of benefit to the user. It’s simply not up to par with other ab belts (if you can even call this an ab belt). EMS technology does work well, and it will help you build strength in your core, but it simply doesn’t hit the mark with the Butterfly.

If you want to enhance your abs or just your ab workout, this isn’t the product for you.

Simone Tyner

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